About us and our goals

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Expanding the portfolio

We are constantly expanding the offered assortment with new types of fruits and vegetables in order to meet the growing demand and constant changes in the market.

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Building relationships

We are aware that building and maintaining strong relationships with customers based on trust helps us grow and motivates us to improve our services.

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Product control

We take care of thorough and regular quality and safety control of all our products, which guarantees their high quality during storage and transportation.

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Our story

Founding of Eurozel

Thirty years ago, as a high school student, I followed the example of my parents and started growing vegetables for retail sale at home.

Two years later, as part of a new business, I started dealing with the retail sale of purchased goods. As part of meeting customers, especially in the field of gastronomy, we also started delivering in the surrounding area until we worked on supplying, even at the time, the largest local chain Jednota Bratislava. We continued to expand the range of products, and by including cleaned vacuum-packed potatoes and later also cleaned vegetables, the circle of customers, especially from the gastro sector, began to expand.

Eurozel s.r.o. was founded in 2014 as part of the expansion and planning of the construction of new warehouses. to which all exit activities carried out until then for a trade license were transferred. In 2015, the first warehouse was built in Bernolákovo on Priemyselná Street, four years later, due to capacity reasons, we had another warehouse connected to the original building built.

Currently, we are trying to work mainly on improving the quality of processes in the company, so that we can respond as best as possible to the individual needs of customers.

Samuel Podobný, executive manager Eurozel s.r.o.

We are certified

We are proud of our certificate, which confirms the quality and reliability of our services. We have made great efforts to achieve this award and we are very pleased that we can guarantee you our products and services in high quality and at favorable prices. At the same time, we are constantly trying to improve, adapt to the market and individual requirements, which is also evidenced by our long-term customers.

Eurozel ISO certificate